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Wed Jul 27 17:12:33 EDT 2011

here's a little present for y'all...


that's a screenshot of my latest project...

i've slapped a little text-editor in front of
my e-book conversion routines, so that
the feedback loop becomes much tighter,
goosing the learning process considerably.
no more mystery about whether it's right;
if it looks correct in the preview, go with it.
this instant positive feedback is a great aid
for the process of teaching light-markup...

the app's thrust is e-book output formats,
but it will also contain features that should
be very useful for authors finalizing a book,
such as the "locate words..." listbox shown,
which performs a search for multiple words,
displaying all at once, each with its context;
one usage might be to locate "its" and "it's",
to confirm that all such instances are right.

another example is a routine that checks to
see if the quote-marks are properly nested.
(i'm amazed how often people do 'em wrong;
plus ms-word's "smarten" routine is stupid.)

yet another could verify that links are good.

in a nutshell, i'm coding tests for the errors
that i typically find when i'm editing a book,
so self-publishers turn out a better product.

i'll release the editor soon, maybe later today.




new iterations will come fast and furious, but
i don't expect y'all here to care for much more
than the screenshot which you've already got...

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