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On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 08:28:53PM +0200, Chinyoka on Macbook wrote:

> I am also wondering whether there would be a way to split a document

> into many pages. I checked with other Markdown implementations and

> wish they would have a way to split a document into pages: for

> instance, Cramdown looked like it could if Thomas wanted to make it

> one of those options you can put between those sharp brackets and

> colons.

I take the view that markdown is really a text processing filter
rather than a publishing solution, so this feels very out of
scope. Perhaps something like emacs muse-mode (which I think has some
limited markdown functionality,) or just "the right Makefile" could do
the processing you want to get multi-page output. In short: it's a
good feature but enough depends on the rest of your publishing
process/solution, so look there.

> Currently, I am using PHP Markdown Extra for my web publishing, but

> want a solid desktop option. I sometimes wish there were a desktop

> version, whether command line or GUI, that would work like that PHP

> Markdown Extra. So I hope your solution may be the answer to this.

> Anyway, it looks like Markdown in 2011 is heading for exciting

> moments with or without Gruber's blessing.

I used PHP Markdown Extra for years with a WordPress site. When I
stopped that, I had a bunch of vanilla markdown with footnotes (and
maybe images?) in the markdown extra. I continue to write text in the
same way, and have been processing this text both on the web and
locally using: Maruku (abandoned for speed reasons, but it's good for
LaTeX conversions and one-offs,) and MultiMarkdown pretty much without
error. I'm given to understand that python markdown and pandoc would
also do what you want in terms of the extra syntax...

Hope that helps,


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