Data loss issue: Adjacent List Types

David Parsons orc at
Mon Jun 6 22:05:35 EDT 2011

On Jun 6, 2011, at 6:50 PM, Seumas Mac Uilleachan wrote:

> On 06/06/11 02:26 PM, Alan Hogan wrote:


>> Given that I still struggle to see a downside to making my proposed

>> change, I’m really hoping we can achieve a rough consensus here.

How often do people complain? Once every 5 years?
The only complaint I've ever seen about list merging was
when I first wrote discount and got complaints that the
lists *weren't* being merged.

Compare that to the almost nonstop complaining about
middle-of-word emphasis, which seems to have bitten
everyone who seriously uses markdown.

John Gruber might have some opinions about this;
I'd certainly be more attentive about list merging
if the reference dingus changed to split them.

> I also remember copy-pasting some info from the web that had a

> sentence starting with 1999. (or similar) as there was a hard return

> in the line before it. It took me ages to figure out where that list

> was coming from in the middle of the paragraph. Eventually found the

> hard return and deleted it.

That's a different issue, though, which has bitten
enough people so that it's actually mentioned in the
syntax document on daring fireball.

-david parsons

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