Data loss issue: Adjacent List Types

David Parsons orc at
Tue Jun 7 10:09:28 EDT 2011

On Jun 6, 2011, at 11:23 PM, David Chambers wrote:

> David Parsons <orc at> wrote:


> John Gruber might have some opinions about this; I'd certainly be

> more attentive about list merging if the reference dingus changed to

> split them.


> Every member of this group writes a lot of Markdown, and has its

> best interests at heart. In addition, this list contains several

> implementors and dozens of people who have created extensions for

> Markdown or integrated it into their applications.

Changing the way list merging works is a fairly
major change to fix something that only very
rarely occurs. That's why I'd be more interested
in changing the behavior in my implementation if
the author of the baseline spec spoke up and said
that the current behavior is a bug, not a design

-david parsons

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