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> i invite you to throw stones at it, or me, if you like.

A few things jump out.

1. Congrats! It validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict [1].

2. What's with all the horizontal rules at the end?

3. What's with the "<c>" that keeps showing up? It looks like markup
that's supposed to be handled by your converter, but is being passed
through to the HTML.

4. At the start you have an <h1> that is split by a <br /> and
formatted with multiple <big> tags. I don't know off-hand if header
tags _shouldn't_ be split by <br />, but it sure doesn't _feel_ right.
And "<big>"-style formatting doesn't seem like it should be mixed in
with CSS.

5. Why does every image have a "caption" that indicates the filename?
This seems like more markup that is supposed to be handled, but is
also being passed through to the HTML.

6. Is there a single capital letter on the page?

7. The text could use some more "interesting" formatting, but that
could just be the styling that you've chosen.

The weirdest part is the seeming mix of markup in the formatted
document. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be an example of the HTML
output of your converter or an HTML representation of the input to
your converter. It seems like both.

Oh, is this a "Discussion related to Markdown" anymore?


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