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Wed Jun 22 16:31:33 EDT 2011

i am considering writing converters
between my "zen markup language'
and "markdown", but i don't know
which version of markdown to target.

i'd think it'd be the "pandoc" version,
and i understand that to be closest to
"multimarkdown", but gruber has said
he "disagrees" with "almost every part"
of multimarkdown's syntax additions...

specifically, on 2008/03/14, gruber said:

> I despise what you've done with Text::Markdown,

> which is to more or less make it an alias for

> MultiMarkdown, almost every part of which

> I disagree with in terms of syntax additions.

of course, on 2008/02/18, gruber also said:

> I could give a rip about formal specifications,

> truth be told.

so i guess what he thinks doesn't matter,
not if we wanna get all "formal" and such.

then again, on 2009/02/27, gruber said:

> I never say never. Well, usually.

and then he disappeared -- poof! -- from
this listserve; no posts in over 2 years...

whatever. if anyone has any input, spit it.

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