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Thu Jun 23 15:03:37 EDT 2011

alan said:

> Is there a place that

> lists differences

> between different flavors?

sherwood said:

> After that you'd have to

> make a list of features, and

> show different interpretations.

> It would be a worthwhile effort

yes, it would be.

my guess is that one of the test-suites
-- geared to stress all the features --
would be the best content for this drill.

perhaps a concrete list of differences
would be enough to persuade people
that they _could_ actually attain unity,
making each piece stronger by virtue of
being a cog in a more powerful wheel...

as far as what gruber would find to be
distasteful about "multimarkdown", i'd
say the answer would be perfectly clear:
multimarkdown has sacrificed simplicity
for power, a trade gruber wouldn't make.
and one, frankly, which isn't necessary...

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