What does Markdown do with HTML comments? Recommendation on Markdown file extension?

Tommy Bollman tommyb06 at student.uia.no
Thu May 5 11:57:18 EDT 2011


Not having tried to use MultiMarkdown for comments, but knowing that they work for including
raw latex, I can't see why they shouldn't work for html as comments.

I ran this test:

---- MMD document:
## comment test html
<!-- Man I really need some deep thoughts about this -->
To comment or not comment is a question about reflection.

-- Resulting html:
<h2 id="commenttesthtml">comment test html</h2>

<!-- Man I really need some deep thoughts about this -->

<p>To comment or not comment is a question about reflection.</p>



Den 5. mai 2011 kl. 03.03 skrev bucephalus org:

> Hi there!


> (1.)


> It may sound awkward, but I would like to use comments in Markdown texts.

> According to the rule that proper HTML works as HTML, I should be able to

> use


> <!-- blablabla -->


> But the converters I use do strange things with comments. Is there an

> official rule about that?



> (2.)


> I wonder if there is a recommended standard file extension for Markdown

> source files.

> For my own files I always use `.markdown`.

> But other important sources seem to prefer `.text`.


> Do you have an opinion on that, or is there even a standard?

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