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Sat May 14 15:55:14 EDT 2011

* Fletcher T. Penney <fletcher at> [2011-05-14 16:50]:

> I was looking at the original Markdown syntax specification,

> and became curious as to the last time Gruber posted anything

> to this discusion list. According to some searches of the

> archives using some Google tricks, the last post I could find

> from him was in 2009.


> Just thought that was interesting.

An anatomy of a loss of interest:

2004 279
2005 153
2006 78
2007 25 (21 in the first half of the year)
2008 6 (2 in Feb; 4 in a row in mid-March)
2009 4 (in row in late Feb)
2010 0
2011 0

It’s not uncommon. Most of my own projects look like this…

I just wish we’d get one last release out of him that takes the
beta label off the last version and fixes the couple of small
things Gruber himself already agreed years ago should be changed
in certain ways. (Eg. not triggering emphasis on word-internal

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