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Christian Sciberras uuf6429 at
Sun May 15 11:21:24 EDT 2011

I'm not sure the posts total is a valid metric. It may be just that there's
no room left for new features.
At this point, maybe rather than focusing on the format features, you/we
might want to consider other areas, such as "where can it be used?" or
"where would it work better than the current solution?"
To answer the latter, I'm starting to use Markdown in place of Creole in my
personal wiki solution (I was actually using Creole in the beginning).

Oh and by the way, I'm new here :)

Oh, and while at it, I'd like to thank Monsieur Fortin for the excellent
piece of software he did (I'm talking about MarkDownExtra).
Even though it's getting a bit dated, it still performs well. Not to
mention, very clean and well documented code.

Christian Sciberras.
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