Proposed table specification (long!)

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Tue May 17 16:46:37 EDT 2011

i sent this a week ago. (exactly 168 hours ago.)
but it never posted... let's see if it posts now...

i was just gonna let it go, but i liked the phrase
"gruber is godot", so i decided to send it again...

gruber isn't going to take charge, folks. really.

so if you want to move markdown forward, _you_
will have to act, collaboratively, which means you
must come together and become a collaborative...

but i sense you would all rather be the big fish
in your own small bowl. which is fine with me...



waylan said:

> there is no place for a table syntax in markdown.

well, gee, i guess that settles it... :+)

> I'm not interested. If you want it, go build it!

i wasn't under the impression that simon bull was
asking you to do the work. but maybe i'm wrong...


david said:

> I think this is a case where you'd do

> better writing a table preprocessor

> that implements your table extension.

> Yours is a fairly complex implementation

i don't see anything "complex" in simon's formulation...
i'd guess i could probably program it in a couple hours.
and most of that would be fighting obtuse .html specs...

at the same time, however, i don't see anything in his
formulation that hasn't already been suggested before.

so i'm not sure why it hasn't been done. by everyone.

why the foot-dragging?

are you all still waiting for gruber?
i've got news for you: gruber is godot.
he ain't coming. you might as well move on.

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