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Fri May 20 18:07:28 EDT 2011

thomas said:

> The syntax specification for kramdown is complicated,

> sure, but trying to explain the corner cases and

> how the implementation handles them is

> just not that easy.

great post, thomas. thanks.

while people all about you are losing their heads, thomas,
you stay cool and collected and on-topic, and consistently
muster up sturdy straightforward fact which i can happily
acknowledge not just as fact, but even as _straightforward_.

explaining corner cases _is_ hard. factchecker says "true".
no question about that. ain't it the truth. even _real_ hard.

and then explaining how you handle those corner cases _is_
"just not that easy", as you put it. it's just as hard, or worse.
so once again, factchecker says "true" to that statement too.

over the weekend, i can post on the content of your reply,
but for now i just wanted to say "great posts" and "thanks".

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