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Mon Nov 7 10:03:57 EST 2011

On Sun, Nov 6, 2011 at 10:11 PM, Ryan Chan <ryanchan404 at> wrote:

> Hello,


> How to correctly made multiline code block within a list, like..



>  * foo

>  * bar

>  * ``` Code 1

> Code 2

> Code 3

> ```

>  * Another list item



> The above markup is not working, what I want is Code 1, Code 2 and

> Code 3 appear in different lines.


The backtick syntax is for code spans. If you want code blocks, then
to should be using indented blocks. The block needs to be indented at
least four spaces. Unfortunately, not all markdown implementations
will recognize this (including

In fact, some implementations will will never allow *only* a code
block in a list item. However, if you what to use the multiple block
in a list item syntax that will work. Therefore,
you list item will need some paragraph, followed by a blank line,
followed by your code block. Of course, as additional blocks within a
list item need to be indented four spaces, already, you will need to
indent 8 spaces for a code block.

So, something like this (spaces replaced by dots for illustrative
purposes only):

* foo
* bar
* A paragraph followed by a blank line

........Code 1 (8 spaces of indent)
........Code 2
........Code 3
* Another list item

If you don't want the extra paragraph, check for implementations that don't require

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Waylan Limberg

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