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Fri Oct 14 17:45:43 EDT 2011

they say that deaths come in threes...

for me, it was these:
1. scott wannberg, los angeles poet, one of my favorite performers
2. michael hart, founder of project gutenberg, icon and iconoclast
3. steve jobs, seemingly the only guy who made stuff work correctly

i'm sure that for others, dennis ritchie is on their list, for his own
1. c
2. k&r
3. unix

godspeed to all of these people, who are "heroes" just as much as
any firefighter or soldier, heroes of creativity and the imagination.

and a hearty "chill out" to anyone who thinks this is "off-topic"...


meanwhile, life goes on...

it seems that fletcher finally received his app-store blessing, so
we can hope that we will see "multimarkdown composer" soon...

which means i can come out with my little tool as well. :+)

my editor uses z.m.l. (zen markup language), not markdown, but
it's close enough that you might want to take a look at it anyway.

if anyone wants to "alpha-test" it, just let me know backchannel...
it's cross-platform to the mac (even very old ones), p.c., and linux.

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