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Emmanuel Bégué medusis at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 20:18:10 EDT 2011

2011/10/15 <Bowerbird at aol.com>:

> brett terpstra continues his obsession with markdown...

>>   http://fuckyeahmarkdown.com/


I made a Markdown editor webapp two weeks ago:

http://akaya.me ("Yet Another Markdown Editor")

which also includes a "Markdownifier". One can copy-paste rich text in
a content-editable div, and it gets converted to Markdown; everything
is local (no round trip to the server) so it's pretty fast, and it
works for legacy content such as Word documents, etc.

It also features:

- a preview mode that highlights and puts into view the paragraph
being edited (or clicked on), which makes it much easier to use with
long texts (in most editors with preview, the current paragraph is not
visible when the rendered text is longer than the current window)
- a document manager with auto-save and export (to source Markdown or
HTML, with RTF coming soon)

It works in recent versions of Firefox and Chrome.

It's still in very early beta, but any comments are welcome!

Emmanuel Bégué

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