start with the end-user -- the big secret

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Thu Oct 20 18:53:30 EDT 2011

Guys, this dude's been trolling online for years - I think there are only 2 ways to deal with it:

1) Ignore the trolling/needling/offensiveness completely, and only respond when he has something useful to say (which does sometimes seem to happen, eg most of his review of Emmanuel's program)

2) Ban him from the list, if someone in charge of the list felt so inclined

3) If you're subscribing to the "raw" list, just filter out his messages

Asking "please moderate your tone" when he is clearly trying to offend (or, as he puts it somewhere online "… i have a very "colorful" knack for choosing stimulating words ... words which might get that adrenaline running in someone"), seems counter-productive. Publishing on your own blog limits you to an audience that's actually interested in what you have to say. Messing with people who can't easily ignore you is so much more fun!

I, for one, am using a gmail filter to mark his posts as "read" before they reach me - that way I don't confuse them for "real" email that might be worth looking at anytime soon.

(alright, so now I've wasted the list's time too. sorry.)

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> Would you please consider moving some of this to a personal blog or at least phrase your argument differently?

+1 !


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