for the record, just so we're clear

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Thu Oct 20 19:18:48 EDT 2011

for the record, just so everything is perfectly clear,
i'm _not_ "trying to offend" -- as tao klerks put it --
let alone "clearly trying to offend". and i resent that
someone feels that they can make such an accusation,
even privately, let alone impugning someone publicly,
as if they had a misinterpretation-free tap into my head.

do i have a thick skin? sure. can i "take it"? definitely.

but i don't need to let it stand, undisputed, either, even if
i sometimes do, because it's rarely worth taking the time...

> Messing with people who can't easily ignore you

> is so much more fun!

it's quite easy to ignore my posts. just don't read them.


p.s. the irony is that now tao will keep asking how to parse!
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