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(snipped for brevity)

> and i'd believed -- based on your early betas --

> that that was the approach that you were taking.


> and i made a fair number of posts here that were

> written with that assumption playing a major part.


> so it seems to me that if i was mistaken in that,

> you could have informed everyone here earlier...

The preview functionality in the current version is essentially the same as in the early preview version. In fact, even back then, the "preview with Marked" feature was there. Was there something that changed that makes it seem like a "head fake"?

I certainly did not intentionally mislead you about the purpose of Composer, and I feel that feature has actually been remarkably stable since the preview. I don't recall ever seeing a post on this list by anyone, actually, who requested a change in the preview functionality during the 4 months or so between the preview version and the final version.

> > I've never found it useful

> > to have an "as I type" preview.

> > Therefore it's not in Composer.


> again, it woulda been nice if you told us that sooner.

I never said it was there. I can't keep an exhaustive list of the features that are *not* in Composer.

> > If you use Marked for your preview,

> > which is the preferred method


> it's not _my_ "preferred method".

That's fine. But Composer's preview functionality is minimal. Marked's is much better. Therefore I am not reinventing the wheel, and from the beginning have had support for previewing with Marked. That's why the app has a built-in link to Marked.

When Brett adds an API to Marked, the integration can become tighter.

> > Composer is about the writing, not the previewing.


> sometime in the future, you'll realize that's a mistake.

Since the Composer project was started to provide an editor that does what *I* want, and then grew a bit beyond that, by definition it's not a mistake. I am extremely happy with Composer. Many others are as well. But, like MMD itself, it's not for everyone. That's fine. My goal is not to take over the world. My goal is to create something that I find useful, and then share it with others that find it useful. It worked with MMD, and I believe it will work with Composer as well. But I have already succeeded, because I now have an editor for MMD documents that is better than anything else out there --- *for me*. Others are welcome to use whichever program is best *for them.* And many people have expressed that they feel the same way about composer (you can't read my email inbox, but you can search twitter.)


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