Links in DF's Markdown?

Lou Quillio public at
Fri Aug 3 00:48:23 EDT 2012

*On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 3:24 PM, Owen Densmore <owen at> wrote:

> I noticed the markdown used for

> had this:


> Discussion List <a id="discussion-list" />

That's 2005-vintage XHTML-ish markup. You wouldn't write it today. No
reason the id can't be on the heading.

> I rather like avoiding a "compile" step so use the MD as the page source,

> with js-markdown-extra doing the conversion.

Except that avoiding a compile (transform) step for you comes at the
cost of making *every* requestor do it client-side, right? Every
requestor on every page load, every time. With so many easy-to-use
static site generators around these days ...

... it's wasteful to claim client-side CPU for what you could have
done once, in seconds. Capisce? :)


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