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I find it hard to understand why rel=footnote would have been dropped.

In general, I do see the value in only using registered rel attribute values. You can’t propose native rel functionality if it’s seeing much use to mean something else.

However, since rel=footnote *was* valid at some point, and *has* seen widespread adoption, I can see no harm whatsoever in continuing to output it. It nicely allows its styling via CSS3 attribute selections.

Similarly, if `rev` is altogether deprecated, well, there is no harm in continuing to output it. Browsers cannot and will never choke on that – the worst they can do is ignore it.


PS I believe the unfinished nature of HTML5 is not a valid reason to care about HTML5, but it *is* probably just cause not to worry about small "errors" like this when validating against it.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 9:24 AM, Mark wrote:

> > I just received a report [1] that the footnote output we use in

> > Python-Markdown (an exact copy of PHP Markdown Extra [3]) is not valid

> > HTML [3]. If you notice he's using HTML5. At least the footnote syntax

> > does valid on XHTML1 or HTML4. Anyway, any suggestions on how the

> > various footnote implementations want to move forward with this?

> >

> > [1]:

> > [2]:

> > [3]:

> >



> HTML5 is not finished, not finalised, and probably never will be (or at

> least the stuff won't ever be). At this point, validating to

> perfect HTML5 is a pointless exercise as there is no such thing.

> There are two issues in this case

> 1) that the rel attribute can no longer be whatever you want. They

> require you to 'register' the values. Except that "footnote" has been

> dropped [1]. The whole affair of registering values is backwards if you

> ask me, but there you go. Personally, I would just ignore this issue.

> HTML5 is in too much of a flux to care about minor things like this.

> 2) rev attribute is obsolete. That's easy, replace it with

> rel="footnoteanchor" or similar, except that then you'll have to

> register it etc. But only if you really care about HTML5, which is not

> finished, and won't be finished for another 20 years or more.


> The main thing is, that HTML5 isn't finished, and the semantics are

> subject to change. I would suggest continuing to target finished

> standards, and if you really care, remove the rel and rev attributes

> which will validate in both HTML4 and HTML5, but will result in fewer

> semantics (something the HTML5 people don't seem to care too much about

> anyway).


> [1]:



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