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> Thank you for your suggestion. However, I use ikiwiki, and, if I do so, it's

> to avoid using php, ruby or anything else ;)


> So, I'll rather patch ikiwiki than install a hanful of packages to solve a

> simple problem ;)


Well, as far as I can tell, ikiwiki is written in Perl. Not sure which
perl implementation it uses (there are 3 IIRC), but I believe all of
them implement nested code blocks properly. Perhaps you are providing
bad input? What you should have is:

1. some text
2. some code :

My first line of code
The second one
Some indented code
Another line
3. end of the list

Note the blank line before the block and at least 8 spaces of indent.
That is the only way to nest a standard markdown style code block
inside a list.

Remember, without the blank line, you just add more inline text to the
list item and with only 4 spaces of indent you only get a paragraph
inside a list:

1. First line of first paragraph in list item.
Second line of first paragraph in list item (indented 4 spaces).

Second paragraph of first list item (indented 4 spaces).
Second line of second paragraph (indented 4 spaces).

A code block nested in list item (indented 8 spaces).

Another paragraph nested in list item (indented 8 spaces).

2. A new list item.

Hope that helps.

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Waylan Limberg

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