Spaced text

Jakob jakov at
Fri Aug 17 17:11:33 EDT 2012

Hi eveybody!

I've got a suggestion to think about. Although i think that the drawbacks are bigher than the advantages im goong to tell you abou my idea:

My idea is another syntax for e m p h a s i z e d words. It uses two spaces before and after the emphasized part and alternating space and letter in between, just like in the sentence before.

• no symbol needed
• granny compatible ;) similar look as on old typwritten texts
• emphasis visible in raw text
• extensible with * or _ for * s t r o n g * emphasis

• cant be searched for easily
• cant be easily converted
• only accepts blanks as starting and endpoint (e.g. You could write " b l a h , " instead of " *blah,* " but i see no way to write " *blah*, " in spaced text.

Maybe someone has ideas on how to avoid the drawbacks or oher possible uses.


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