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Nicole C ncat999 at
Wed Feb 1 18:48:43 EST 2012

Hi all,

I'm a newer user of markdown & MultiMarkdown, and I'm looking for the
perfect setup of software for my Mac and my Android phone. I'd like to
have my drafts editable from both.

What I want is an attractive Mac app for writing (primarily blog posts and
emails) that saves its files as .txt . Most of them save as .md or
.markdown instead, and since there doesn't seem to be a true markdown
editor for Android yet, using these programs isn't compatible with my

I know that I could use a text-editor that is meant for programmers, but
I'm not really the proper audience. I don't need the line counts, or even
the fully colored syntax, and these programs aren't meant to create an
aesthetically pleasing writing experience, which I'll admit is a priority
for me. In other words, ideally I want the equivalent of Byword or
Macchiato with the option to save as .txt.

So, are there any markdown editors for the Mac that do all the "pretty"
things (receding the code, stylizing your text, etc) but that DON'T save as
.md or .markdown files? Am I correct that Macchiato only saves in markdown
format? I'd even take something like MMD Composer, with its colorized &
stylized text, if it saved in plain text format.

Are there any other Mac/Android users? What are you doing to get around
this problem?

Thanks for any help or suggestions,

FYI, I have Marked, Byword, MultiMarkdown Composer, Mou, Tincta, and Clean
Writer Pro. I'm loving Epistle for my phone, since it saves to Dropbox and
has a clean interface. I'm trying a trial of MarkMyWords next...
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