Mac markdown editor that saves as .txt

John Laudun johnlaudun at
Thu Feb 2 10:21:52 EST 2012

I love BBEdit and Textmate as much as the next person, but those aren't answers to the poster's question. MMD Composer is close to what the poster is asking about, but, Fletcher, you have to type in the `txt` extension over the proffered `md` at the save prompt. Have you considered making that a possible preference for user's to select? There are actually a couple of iOS apps that don't recognize the `md` extension, and so I could see this affecting more than the current poster. I use PlainText, and I don't think I've encountered this problem -- I can't remember now, however, if I had to re-set some of its preferences.

While we're on the topic of MMD Composer, and I bring it up here because this might prove an interesting conversation more generally, I'd like to point out that in the Preferences, the question of applying italics is posed as an either/or radio button. Luckily, in actual use the program formats both, no matter which is checked, as italics. This is perfectly acceptable behavior for me. I actually use the two differently: I use asterisks for emphasis, as in marking the use of a word as a term, and I reserve underlines the titles of works.

This makes it possible for me to use a microformat later in an adapted version of MD/MMD. I am "rolling my own", but has any distro of MD pursued a similar logic?

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