Links in DF's Markdown?

Owen Densmore owen at
Wed Jul 18 18:24:26 EDT 2012

I noticed the markdown used for this:

Discussion List <a id="discussion-list" />


It seems to be a way to associate id's or classes with markdown elements.
Is this a standard "best practices"?

I've gone a different direction in my use of MD. I have a trivial jQuery
stunt that looks for class=markdown, and uses the id-name + ".md", to
identify a file. So if my page HTML has:

<div id="body" class="markdown"> </div>
<div id="footer" class="markdown"> </div>

.. the jQuery function inserts and, translated to HTML
via js-markdown-extra.js (on GitHub), into the innerHTML of the divs.

Here's an example: If you
View Source, you'll see the jQuery conversions.

I rather like avoiding a "compile" step so use the MD as the page source,
with js-markdown-extra doing the conversion. It also lets the class=foo &
id=foo be outside of markup stunts.

I hope this is not too noob! .. but if best practices include including
HTML like the <a> above, I'd like to understand it a bit better.

-- Owen
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