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As a work around, look at Template Toolkit 2.

Here's the template for my home page:

Title = "Sherwood's Forests Home"
Desc = "Sherwood's Forests Tree Farm home page, and site overview"
ExtraMetaContent = "<meta name=\"verify-v1\"
content=\"1TmuWV5qz7Z+uVP9MZMrq+IiHOqa2tBiOy6E+L7f+aM=\" />"
<div id=content>
[% FILTER markdown %]

Regular MD stuff goes here.

[% INSERT %]

[% END %]




One of the features I like about TT2 is that you can do substitutions on

Writing wasn't easy, as it also reads in an external file and
processes it into the navigation menu. But I never modify it, so that's a

Creating a new page consists of:

* Making a copy of an existing page.
* Putting in new markdown stuff in the middle of the file
* If I do nothing else, it will show up in alphabetical order in the
directory it's in. E.g. /Home/Trees/Leaf_Trees/Poplars/Swedish_Aspen.tt2
will show up in the menu system as
Home -> Trees -> Leaf Trees -> Poplars -> Swedish Aspen

run my update program, which rebuilds the entire site, and reposts it.
(Got burned by one of these spam trojans, so the site gets rebuilt twice a
day. )

There is a file where I can overwrite the the order for how names appear in
the menu.


Sherwood of Sherwood's Forests

Sherwood Botsford
Sherwood's Forests --
50042 Range Rd 31
Warburg, Alberta T0C 2T0

On 19 June 2012 04:40, Boris Le Ninivin <boris.leninivin at> wrote:

> On 06/19/2012 02:00 AM, Waylan Limberg wrote:


>> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 7:31 PM, Boris Le Ninivin

>> <boris.leninivin at> wrote:


>>> On 06/18/2012 09:27 PM, Michel Fortin wrote:


>>> Le 2012-06-18 à 6:26, Boris Le Ninivin a écrit :

>>> In the end, on the df website, it is said that "Markdown is smart enough

>>> not

>>> to add extra (unwanted) |<p>| tags around HTML block-level tags.". So I

>>> don't know if it's an implementation problem (related to the PHP port,

>>> maybe?), or if it's a design problem, but as far as I know, Markdown is

>>> not

>>> smart enough to not add unwanted<p> tags.


>>> That's only true for known HTML tags, and only the block-level ones.


>>> Does that mean that<html> and<!doctype> tags will be enclosed

>>> between<p>

>>> ?


>> Yes. More specifically, known block-level tags that would only ever

>> appear inside the<body> of a valid HTML4/XHTML1 document are

>> recognized by Markdown. So any new tags introduced by HTML5 would also

>> not be recognized - although some implementations may be starting to

>> add them.


> I guess there are valid reasons for that behavior, even if I don't see

> them already.


> Also remember that those tags must begin at the start of a line. No

>> indentation allowed - or they not recognized as block level tags. Yes,

>> this is documented - so most implementations follow it.


> Okay. That seems to match what I've seen in the code.


> If your adding<html> stuff to your documents, that is generally

>> handled after markdown is run on the body. For example, most

>> frameworks and template systems will use a template which generates

>> all the stuff outside the<body> and perhaps a header/footer inside

>> the body, and then use a template variable to insert the already

>> converted markdown into the document.


> Well, I really want to have the markdown document containing inclusion

> tags. So I'll try the method that Sir Fortin pointed out.


> Markdown does not generally

>> expect to have the already generated document run through it -

>> although I know some people have had success using it that way in

>> specific controlled environments.


> I guessed that, that's why I gave up with the idea of replacing any

> non-markup content before running the markdown process.


> Many thanks you for your help, I'll try to correct my code using your help

> and ideas, and I'll tell you if it works :)


> Boris.


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