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On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 12:04 PM, Jakob <JakoV at> wrote:

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>> Hmm, what HTML are you suggesting that output? Standard Definition

>> List HTML? How would that translate to a "caption"?


> In the meantime I rethought my proposal, but for the sake of being backwards compatible with HTML4: I think it should take a "figure" class (only when it is only images and that definition line), like this:


> ```

> <dl class="figure">

> <dt><img alt="alt text" src=""></dt>

> <dd class="figcaption">the caption</dd>

> </dl>

> ```

So you want the parser to special case dt's that contain an image and
then attach a bunch of classes to the output. That seems like it might
surprise the user a little too much and I don;t recall any other
syntax which follows a similar pattern. I don't like it.

> like this i would be very similar to the HTML5 stuff (and could be easily handled in CSS with `.figure {}` in HTML4 or just `figure {}` in HTML5):


> ```

> <figure>

>  <img alt="alt text" src="" >

>  <figcaption>the caption/figcaption>

> </figure>

> ```

I think this one probably falls in the "should be in raw HTML" camp.
Remember the syntax rules state that markdown is only for a subset of
HTML. These special cased HTML5 tags all strike me as raw HTML

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