external connotation: tags, categories, prios, users

Klaus Mueller m at klml.de
Thu Mar 1 14:28:03 EST 2012

Hi Mandaris,

> MMD allows you to specify tags, categories, foos and/or bars in the

> head of the file.

> It's all really up to you!

You mean the Metadata(?), ... why not. The syntax is easy (for my
example 'User : klml') and easy to process further.

But you have to write it in the top of the page an not in continuous
text. I would like it to write somth like "all of you have to bring
sleeping bag and @klml pleas bring a torch to our #camping"

Ok I could parse the tags clientside, and have a document like

user: klml
category: 2012camping

all of you have to bring sleeping bags and @klml please bring a torch to
our #2012camping"

Ok, I think of it.


Klaus Mueller
Heßstraße 90
80797 München

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