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Not quite. Several versions of MD allow you to insert html with a flag,
typically 'markdown=1' in the tag to switch. This is a pain in tables, as
it must be inserted in every <td> tag.

I have hacked my version of MD so that <div> is an ecception, as I use CSS
liquid layouts in my markdown. If you use tables for layout (often, when
developing HTML for mobile devices) you may want to hack the TD tag the
same way.

(I wish that this was a toggle that could be set in a .mmdrc file. There
are a lot of things that I wish I could set in an .mmdrc file.)

At least two version of markdown (Markdown and MultiMarkdown modules from
CPAN) have the Bug/Feature that tags are only recognized if they are in
lower case.

So with that
<TR><TD> *This Cell has Emphasized Text*</td></tr>

Interprets MD inside the html markup.

Closing tags can be either case.

The problem with this is that the uppercase tags are treated as paragraphs,
and wrapped with <p> tags. This makes you fail validation tests, but still
displays properly in every browser I've tested.


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> > Why doesn't markdown work within div blocks? Is there some technical

> > reason? Out of interest, I would like to know why, since my

> > expectation was to mix&match markdown with HTML.


> I don’t know about every implementation, but in general, you can use HTML

> within Markdown. You can’t use Markdown within HTML.


> In other words, if you want something to be treated as Markdown, don’t put

> it inside any HTML tags.


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