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There is a babel markdown web site that you can see how various dialects
convert markup.

The only html I use in on my website now is the <div> tag, usually with a
class or ID. This controls my layout. MMD has sufficient table handling
for my purposes.

So for me, my MD looks like this:

# This is a title
## And a subtitle underneath it.

This is intoductory text on my page

<DIV class=picr4>

![Image alternate text](http://path/to/Image)

caption to the image above, explaining it's relevance to the main text


Class picr4 is styled to float right, and be 40% of the width of the
container. I have a half dozen classes. Caption text is styled with
.picr4 p { so that it is visually distinct from the body text

So far I've not found much else that I need.


I don't think you want to make changes insitu. However take a look at They use a subset of MD as their site markup language
for user replies, and they compose MD in one window and display it in
another. It's a good way to do this for interactive use.


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On 18 April 2013 09:52, Kai Hendry <hendry at> wrote:

> Since folks with considerably more influence than myself have tried

> (and failed?) to "standardise" markdown:



> I think I need to rethink my approach of using Pagedown.



> Are there editors that basically expand markdown input into HTML in

> the textarea I wonder?


> The big saving for Markdown for me is just auto-wrapping paragraphs.

> Nice bullet point making. Nicer link making actions, e.g.


> * foo <CR>


> becomes


> <li>foo</li>


> after returning the carriage return. Or perhaps asking people to

> highlight a region. Which in turns gets churned into HTML.


> Anyway, just a brain fart on how I can possibly get out of this mixing

> HTML & Markdown quagmire.

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