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If this in response to my earlier comment, as stated, I refer to the behavior of honest people…  not the behavior of those who would refer only to the law without consideration of what is clearly right or wrong.  Markdown was created by John Gruber, and until he states otherwise, he "owns" the name.  To take it away on the basis of rules of intellectual property rules may or may not be legal, but that doesn't make it right.

And in fact, Gruber has clearly stated that he did not intend to give away the "Markdown" name:

I am not aware of any subsequent recanting of this opinion -- please provide a reference if you believe otherwise.

I would not support any effort to coopt the "Markdown" name without Gruber's approval.  If this is anyone's intent, count me out.  Hopefully the developers of the other major "Sons of Markdown" will follow suit, but I can speak only for myself.


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On Jul 9, 2014, at 9:20 PM, Jeff McNeill <jeff at> wrote:

> Markdown has become genericized (and was never registered or defended as intellectual property). See
> The idea that Gruber has to (or even ever would) sign off on anything is counter to his behavior and stated opinion on the matter. His historical involvement and contemporary non-involvement should not become an impediment or even an issue for markdown-related development.
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