a good sign

bowerbird bowerbird at aol.com
Fri Jul 11 18:50:30 EDT 2014

another long thread. isn't that cute?


it's far too little _and_ much too late.
all of the horses have now escaped,
so it will do no good to close the gate.


i will take it as a good sign when the name
is intentionally, actively, and loudly rejected.

when a new name and an energized mission,
educated with a sense of the possibilities and
a full determination to avoid the old problems,
rises from a new community of engaged users,
committed to the creation of an entire toolchain
-- without any further delay, because, honestly,
we needed this _yesterday_ -- i will be happy,
because then light-markup can get on with it,
so we can all move on to more important stuff.

the kludge was fine for a while, but it has now
lived long past its prime, and needs to be killed.

frankly, if you don't know that we can do better,
get out of the way. just plain get out of the way.


on the other hand, it amuses me to think that
-- down the line, let's say in 15 years time --
the old people who "want to use what i know"
are insisting on markdown the way those same
people today are refusing to give up ms-word.

of course, i am also amused that some of you
seem to be showing the tendency even today!    :+)

have a pleasant weekend!


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