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Markdown.pl proper (the original perl script by John Gruber) doesn't
create complete HTML documents. It creates HTML that is intended to be
inserted inside a "wrapper" that forms a complete HTML document. It
therefore has no concept of character encoding, since that should be
handled by the wrapper (in the `<head>` for example).

Some other Markdown variants (e.g. my MultiMarkdown) can create
"complete" HTML documents, including a `<head>` and the like. By doing
that, they can support UTF-8. For example, in MMD just include some
metadata (such as a title, or author), and the result is a complete HTML
document with UTF-8 support.

Otherwise if you want to stick with Markdown.pl, your solution is
probably the best available.



On 3/3/14, 9:56 AM, cannonballrag at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi, does Markdown.pl have any options to support utf-8 saved source?

> currently, i can only solve it by adding a html utf-8 header like below:

> <meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=utf-8'>

> Thanks!

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