How often do you use inline images? <p> wrapper is really useful?

Sherwood Botsford sgbotsford at
Wed Mar 5 11:23:14 EST 2014

I use them a lot. My usual way is

<div markdown ="1" class=picright40>

Then style picright60 as float; width 40%

On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, Rob McBroom <mailinglist0 at> wrote:

> On 5 Mar 2014, at 10:18, Jak Wings wrote:


> I'm designing my own Markdown-like language. :) I just don't know how

> important it is to use inline images. What do you think?


> If you don't explicitly define a way to do it, others will make something

> up. Probably multiple others with multiple somethings.


> For reference, see: Every HTML tag that isn't spit out by ;-)


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> Rob McBroom



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