How often do you use inline images? <p> wrapper is really useful?

bowerbird bowerbird at
Thu Mar 6 20:39:06 EST 2014

alan said:

> I hadn't realized that XHTML was so important for e-book


the corporate publishers have tried to sabotage e-books since
the early days, so xhtml was meant to raise the difficulty-level,
one of many choices made to discourage self-publishers from
disrupting the space and disintermediating the gate-keepers...

as for validation, it's required by the online e-bookstores (except
when they choose to make exceptions for their own convenience),
but most of the viewer-programs don't enforce validation strictly...

of course, none of the viewer-programs do _anything_ consistently
-- including simple rendering of content in the manner specified --
so you might run into the occasional exception on this issue, sadly.

meanwhile, sensible people are formulating more sensible criteria,
so when the dinosaurs go extinct, we'll leave that nonsense behind.


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