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Piero Wbmstr me at
Tue Nov 18 09:09:11 EST 2014

Dear all,

I'm quite a newcomer to both the "markdown-discuss" mailing-list and the
Markdown W3C Community Group. So first of all let me make a brief
introduction: I am a french PHP developer and I work (from a long time
now) on a Markdown parser that you can find at (this is not the subject of
this email).

***I want here to announce that I'm working on writing specifications
for a version of the syntax that I called "Markdown Extended" (to
differentiate it from the "classic" one).***

I know some of you are against the idea of such specifications for
various reasons ... I won't here try to convince you all about their
usefulness, but I would appreciate to have your feedback and comments
about this work before publishing it "officially". Those who are
fundamentally against such specifications may notice that I tried to
clearly separate the "Extended" syntax of the original. Let's consider
that the Markdown Extended syntax has its specifications where classic
Markdown doesn't.

***You can read the draft of this work at which is
actually in ´alpha´ version.****
****Please feel free to make some returns via this email or the bug
tickets of the original repository (it is hosted on GitHub at***

I want to thank in advance all those of you who might take a little time
to read this work and give me a comeback.
Moreover, any contribution is welcome.

Kind regards,
-- Pierre Cassat
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