js syntax highlighting for markdown (not for codeblocks in markdown)

Tobias Bengfort tobias.bengfort at posteo.de
Fri Apr 24 05:14:38 EDT 2015

Thanks for the quick reply,

On 23/04/15 16:57, John MacFarlane wrote:
> You might find this interesting: 
> http://talk.commonmark.org/t/experiment-highlighting-markdown-via-source-mapping/1132

I am not sure if source mapping is the best approach. It sounds strange
to me that the highlighter would need the AST *and* the original input.

Wouldn't it be easier to include enough information in the AST to be
able to reconstruct the original input (e.g. whitespace)? It should then
be easy to add a second renderer for highlighting.

> I'm not sure if the project he's describing is js, though.

The URL mentions hoedown which is implemented in C.


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