serving markdown directly : any suggestions?

Mayuresh Kathe mayuresh at
Wed Feb 4 03:27:17 EST 2015


have been tinkering with markdown for a few hours now, so am still a 

would like to use it for a documentation project which will be served 
over the web.

need to know if there's any way to transform markdown content to (x)html 
on the fly at the web server level?

use case:
a web server with the above capabilities would have the document root 
folder holding a bunch of markdown files and a 'css' file.
on visiting that web server's address over 'http', the file 
would get transformed into (x)html, pick-up the 'css' and show a 
beautiful page to the visitor.
all this, while i would be busy writing plain old markdown.

i am sorry if this has been asked out here before, but i couldn't find 
any such queries, perhaps my googling skills are bad.  :)



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