Markdown-Discuss Digest, Vol 144, Issue 3

Jeff McNeill jeff at
Thu Mar 26 01:40:28 EDT 2015

Only supports footnotes, so these others are 
non-starters. Footnoting is vital for things like ebooks. Footnotes are 
also a pending enhancement to Atom:

Jeff McNeill

> but then yet another one pops up, and a new
> group of people say "this is such a good idea!"
> contrary to its claim, isn't "collaborative",
> and isn't even particularly well-done, to be honest.
> but the parents seem to be fairly excited about it,
> so i think they are going to continue working on it.
> i'd still say that is the best of the bunch,
> although is also great. but i'd welcome
> any comparative reviews by actual hardcore users.
> -bowerbird
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