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Tue Nov 24 11:39:02 EST 2015

Was browsing google webmaster tools, and reading up on rich text snippets.
(RTS)  These are a raft of additional span tags that supposedly make the
web easier for search engines to parse.

I'm still mulling over their worth.  Or rather:  If I have to insert all
this additional markup by hand, then it's not worth it at all.

If on the other hand, I can find a post processor that slaps an "article"
schema tag around the page, defines the first occurrence of an H1 tag as
being a Title.

It occurs to me that some clever use of CSS could be used to implement RTS
as either an inprocess or post process script.  E.g.  CSS class names that
map to schema tag names would be automatically wrapped.

Anyone done this, or know of other tools to take the pain out of RTS


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