Slide Show (S9) v3.0 - Write Talks / Presentations in Text w / Markdown - Many Themes (S5, S6, deck.js, impress.js, etc.)

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Sun Apr 3 03:36:37 EDT 2016


 Starting with Slide Show (S9) [1] v3.0 all slide show/presentation
templates are now Jekyll-compatible and use Liquid.

  Why? The idea is that your slide show template pack is "just" a
Jekyll site and, thus, you can use your Liquid template skills for
creating or changing slide show / presentation templates and if you
use GitHub you can use the free built-in GitHub pages service for live
previews, testing, and more.

  For some first example see:

  - S6 Blank templates [2] and the live demo [3]
  - deck.js templates [4] and the live demo [5]

Any favorite slide show/presentation package? Questions? Comments?
Welcome. Cheers.

PS: What's Slide Show (S9)? It's a ruby gem with a command line tool
(e.g. slideshow) that lets you write talks / presentations in plain
text with markdown formatting e.g.

# Web Services REST-Style: Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols


- What's REST?
- Universal Identifiers, Formats & Protocols
- The Holy REST Trinity - Noun, Verbs, Types
- REST Design Principles
- Architecture Astronaut REST Speak



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