Markdown Tools Directory - Open Source Plain Text to HTML n LaTeX Converter Tools n Libraries - Add More Tools!

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Mon Apr 18 21:13:40 EDT 2016


   I've put together a new directory listing markdown tools [1] for
converting plain text to html n latex.

   The directory is powered by simple datafile in yaml in the public
domain e.g. tools.yml:

  - title:    pandoc
    author:   John MacFarlane et al
    formats:  [html,latex]
    github:   jgm/pandoc
    language: haskell

   So far markdown converters (sorted by github stars) include:

 - marked
 - pandoc
 - parsedown
 - php markdown
 - python markdown
 - kramdown
 - etc.

   Anything missing? Additions welcome [2]. Cheers.


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