Proposal for (source-side) hyphenation support

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at
Sat Apr 1 17:16:22 EDT 2017

* Nico Huber <nico.h at> [2017-04-01 12:48]:
> On 01.04.2017 04:22, Fletcher T. Penney wrote:
> > 2. To me, this seems to be a rather idiosyncratic request.
> > I understand that it is a desirable feature to you, but I suspect
> > the number of others who desire this feature is quite low (witness
> > that most replies don't even *understand* your request, much less
> > support it.)
> I thought the general idea behind Markdown is to mark up text while
> maintaining readability (of the untransformed source). And I doubt the
> reaction on this list counts as representative.

The constituency for this feature would be people who manually hyphenate
their plain-text documents. That makes me very sure that the reaction on
this list is representative.

> > 4. As to your specific syntax suggestion, this would not work well
> > in MultiMarkdown, as the `\\\n` syntax is already used to indicate
> > linebreaks, in addition to the `  \n` (space-space-newline) to
> > improve visibility.
> >
> >     <>
> Every language where I've seen escaped new-line chars so far, used it
> to ignore the line break.

That’s exactly what Fletcher just said MultiMarkdown already does.

> We should fix MultiMarkdown then ;) just kidding

What’s there to fix?

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