whitespace at the start of code in a blockquote trimmed

Bram Mertens mertensb.mazda at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 09:03:42 EDT 2017


In a document I'm writing I wanted to include an extract from an email
message as a blockquote.
The message contains a code extract which contains both a piece of ascii
art (output from banner) as well as some lines that start with spaces.

After converting the markdown to XHTML I noticed that the ascii art does
not look as expected and some lines that start with spaces are displayed
left-aligned. (Meaning the leading spaces are removed).

The problem occurs only when the blocquote (> ) and code (4spaces) are
Adding two more spaces somehow resolves the problem as well but that
obviously makes the Markdown text look different.

I've created a small sample and uploaded it to pastebin at
It has the original text, the same text without blockquote and the version
with the additional spaces added.
Converting that in dingus (
https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/dingus) demonstrates the

Is this by design?
Is there another way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance

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