Markdown Evolved. 10+ Years Later. Additions. Changes. Deletions. Announcing Text with Instructions (.texti) v0.1

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at
Fri Jul 14 06:50:09 EDT 2017


   Have we learned anything in the last ten years on what works with
Markdown and what doesn't? Why not evolve Markdown?

   How about more and better and easier linking? Did you know that
Markdown has no links between pages? Let's remove the ugly and failed
image inclusion syntax ![]()?

   How about deleting the two trailing spaces for hard line breaks?

    Why not try to learn from the best? Let's welcome all Wikipedians
and Wikipedia Markup and
    make them feel at home.

   =Heading 1
   ==Heading 2

   Yes, = is the new #!

   And # is the new comment, following the unix (shell) tradition.

   # This is a comment.

   And #1 is ... this is just regular text.

   While at it:

   Let's remove the numbered lists with

   # item
   # item
   # item

   Just use

   1. item
   1. item
   1. item    # or any number or roman numberal or letter etc.

   Interested? Learn more at the (early) new Text with Instructions
(.texti) Project Site [1]
  or follow along on twitter [2]



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