[ANN] feedtxt gem - reads Feed.TXT - feeds in text w/ metadata (YAML) n content (Markdown)

Gerald Bauer gerald.bauer at gmail.com
Mon Jun 12 03:13:03 EDT 2017


   as an alternative to JSON Feed I've put together Feed.TXT - a new
feed format in plain text with structured metadata in YAML and content
in HTML or Markdown ;-)

   Use the new feedtxt gem [1] to read / parse the new feed format for
publishing & sharing posts, articles, podcasts & more.
Try Feedtxt::Parser.parse() returning an array with a metadata hash
and items (w/ metadata hash and content).Example:

``` ruby
  require 'feedtxt'

text =<<TXT
comment: "This is a podcast feed. You can add..."
title:   "The Record"
home_page_url: "http://therecord.co/"
feed_url:      "http://therecord.co/feed.txt"
id:        "http://therecord.co/chris-parrish"
title:     "Special #1 - Chris Parrish"
url:       "http://therecord.co/chris-parrish"
summary:   "Brent interviews Chris Parrish, co-host of The Record and
one-half of Aged & Distilled."
published: 2014-05-09T14:04:00-07:00
- url:
  mime_type:     "audio/x-m4a"
  size_in_bytes: 89970236
  duration_in_seconds: 6629
Chris has worked at [Adobe][1] and as a founder of Rogue Sheep, which
won an Apple Design Award for Postage.
Chris's new company is Aged & Distilled with Guy English - which
shipped [Napkin](2),
a Mac app for visual collaboration. Chris is also the co-host of The Record.
He lives on [Bainbridge Island][3], a quick ferry ride from Seattle.

[1]: http://adobe.com/
[2]: http://aged-and-distilled.com/napkin/
[3]: http://www.ci.bainbridge-isl.wa.us/

feed = Feedtxt::Parser.parse( text )
pp feed

resulting in:

``` ruby
[{"comment"=>"This is a podcast feed. You can add...",
  "title"=>"The Record",
     "title"=>"Special #1 - Chris Parrish",
     "summary"=>"Brent interviews Chris Parrish, co-host of The Record and...",
     "published"=>2014-05-09 23:04:00 +0200,
     "Chris has worked at [Adobe][1] and as a founder of Rogue Sheep..."


[1] https://github.com/feedtxt/feedtxt

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