[Slowhand] Office(ial) talents of EC

a linden roante04 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 20 10:05:26 EDT 2004

YES, YES, Of course I'm out the office as well, but
I've got something modest to say: 

The talented Mr. Clapton is a great songwriter. The
start was slow but results were fine. Tales of Brave
Ulysses and Badge were among the best Cream songs.
Presence of the Lord, Easy Now, Let it Rain and I
Don't Know Why are great popmusic and so are I Looked
Away, Bell Bottom Blues, Why Has Love Got To Be So Sad
and Layla from Derek and Dominos. The drunken solo
years in the 70's had great songs too: Let It Grow,
Black Summer Rain, High, Hello Old Friend, Peaches and
Diesel, Wonderful Tonight, Core and of course: Lay
Down Sally ;). 
Ain't going down, Pretty Girl, Just Like a Prisoner
and Holy Mother are beautiful songs from the 80's and
during the 90's he had some great hits with his own
songs, too. (Bad Love, Tears in Heaven, My Father's
My point is of course, that the beautiful melodic
talent, that's so obvious from his guitar lines, comes
out ih his songs, too.

Ande (and I'm not even trying to get back to the
office for the next two weeks)

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