[Slowhand] OFFER: Great Friday - April 9th 2004

Pat Toth iampigpen at comcast.net
Sun Jul 25 15:02:22 EDT 2004

I started to get excited....I want the "Lulu" special edition :-(


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Subject: [Slowhand] OFFER: Great Friday - April 9th 2004

> Slowhanders,
> My thanks go out to slowhander extra-ordinair Ronny D'Hondt! He
> provided me with a copy of the Great Friday in Antwerpen. Now it's my
> turn to offer it back to the digest. If you're interested, send my an
> e-mail with your full address. Details about the concert can be found
> on Mark's Geetarz website (www.geetarz.org) and the Tourography
> (www.ectours.de). Don't confuse this one with the LULU special
> edition. The copy I offer has NO gaps.
> Regards,
> Jeroen
> Netherlands
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