[Slowhand] Winter turns 60

Ken Maksin KMaksin at NCICAP.org
Fri Jul 30 17:10:01 EDT 2004

Recent discussions about the black frankenstein(aka "Blackie")
and a recent radio interview with Edgar Winter
brought back some fond memories of a very
unforgettable black night(i mean that in a good way:))
It was Chicago, late 70's(79? sorry it's been a bumpy ride). 
EC was performing at Chicago Stadium with Mckinley Morganfield as the
opening act.
Black men(Muddy's buddies?) in black suits getting out of black limos.
People selling black t-shirts. i bought 3 in addition to the one i was
No funky lighting show, just a black back drop.
The only thing i remember being white except my buddy n me was EC
and of course Johnny Winter :) wearing black and playing a black guitar of
Before all other kinds of music, i like the blues most and i realized
how special that show was and how it would set a bar for my 
concert going experiences. EC was in top form. He had no choice.
He'd be playing with a couple of the best guitar players in the world-
Johnny Winter and Albert Lee, and the best blues musicians ever-
Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. The sounds that came out of
Blackie that night were awesome. EC even plugged that thing into a wah-wah
and soloed for several minutes, going to the mountain top, taking the
audience with...
those were the days...

3 days till slohead at the bowl...

ken m
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