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Sorry for the somewhat off topic question!

Not off topic IMHO - interesting question - 

I was pleased when Duane Allman was ranked high in one of those recent guitar 
polls - he has always been a fav of mine - and I think his style is 
distinctive - to my un guitar playing ears - more melodic - even sometimes "pretty" and 
of course I love that chunky Gibson sound.  If we consider where the current 
Allman Band is at - I somehow don't see Duane - if he had lived - veeering off 
into jazz or new wave LOL - I think he'd be doing good old southern style 
blues - on the other hand - in Hendrix's later work - there does seem to very 
much be a trend towards a more jazz oriented style - and I would not be surprised 
if Jimmie hadn't really gone much further in that direction - I wonder - does 
anyone think either Jimmie or Duane would have ventured into a more pop style 
as EC did in the 80's - to preserve their popularity ( and income ?) -

I can't imagine SRV doing anything but blues - getting better and better at 
it ( is that possible?) - 

I am glad we have had the chance to see EC go through all his phases - and 
very much regret we did not have the same opportunity with Jimmie Duane and SRV 

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